To The Exclusion Of All Else


To The Exclusion Of All Else

Big shout out to Rob Hanly, master marketing specialist. He inspired this post from a comment he made.

I’m not a betting man, but if I were I’d throw some crisp Benjamin Franklins on the smooth felt surface of a betting table for this: I bet you can't do something new, and outside your wheelhouse, every day for 90 days.

We pine for days when we weren’t “so busy” when we could “focus more.” We pine for a time before kids, before careers, before middle age, before responsibility. We have a magical delusion that when we were younger we weren't so busy and could focus more, when in reality we were more like that dog in the Movie "Up!".... SQUIRREL!

NEWS FLASH: Busy-ness has nothing to do with our ability to focus and create change, real change, in 90 days. What is required in a world full of distractions, (work, family, recreation) is a willingness to put something in front of all else at the exclusion of all else.

At the exclusion of all else requires a willingness to disappoint, a willingness to “not want to” and do it anyways, a willingness to not put up with distraction, opinion, or good idea that conflicts with what you chosen. Doing something every day for 90 days requires being inconvenienced by it, frustrated by and even angry about it. And you have to be willing to be with that. 

This is why diets fail.

This is why businesses fail.

This is why relationships fail.

This is why “people don't change” is the mantra of our society.

My work is all about inviting people to new ways of being and action far outside their comfort zone and their wheelhouse. What is on the other side is a reinvention of Who You Are, the way you live your life, and the way you see yourself. It is the Hero's Journey, and it requires putting the future you and your results in front of everything else, at the exclusion of all else.

As yourself this: What's the one thing? What's the one thing that, if you could have it in your life, you be willing to put it in front of all else?