Individual Coaching

Profound partnership is at the heart of individual coaching. Weekly conversations to build your future: we create openings, celebrate wins and explore stops. You have an advocate and partner solely focused on where you say you want your life to go. 

 Getting Started: One-on-One

There's no place you "should be" before calling to find out more about working with me. There's no test, no bar you have to hurdle before calling or writing. You may have questions about the coaching process, about me or my background. I welcome it all. Wherever you're at is perfect.

Together we'll explore what you'd like to produce out of a coaching relationship, brainstorm what it might look like so you can decide if creating that future is worth the investment of engaging me as your coach.

When you call you may know what results you'd like to achieve, you're ready! You also may have no idea when you pick up the phone. Either way is just fine.

And you can rest assured that everything from our first call to our last is held in the strictest confidence. You deserve a safe place to vent, explore, build, tear down and rebuild your future. After all, it's yours!

Executive, Team & Group Coaching

Every business has its buzzwords. They come and go along with the latest business bestseller or newest "game-changing" trend. More often than not, they obscure the real truths; the truths we all know, but can struggle to effectively convert into meaningful and lasting action. We talk about innovation, creativity and teamwork. But where do we begin? It all comes down to what we already know: It starts with us, and moves through every individual in the team or organization.

Getting Started: Executive Coaching

Your workplace landscape and the manner in which you approach your position is unlike any other. In coaching we will shed the outside expectations and agendas of others. Here, we focus on generating new approaches and creative solutions.

You inform the direction of the conversation, the agenda and the intended results. This is your place to tease apart entrenched issues, get to the root of "what's in the way," and understand where your stops are. Together we will create new approaches and new actions. Your coaching plan and path will be unique because you are the author of your current experience and will be the author of the solution.

 Getting Started: Team & Group Coaching

Team strength is derived by delivering results based on shared insight and actions. Effective teams leverage their capacity by assimilating individual experience to generate new directions and unexpected results.

The same characteristics that make teams incubators for productivity, innovation and cohesion can also be their biggest challenge. Breakdowns in teams leave them short of intended results, experiencing confusion, frustration or a sense of stagnation.

Team Coaching clears the deck. We start by teasing out existing team dynamics and their impact in the current breakdown. We get a clear view of existing dynamics and "how its gone" so we can intentionally create a break from the past and pivot. Together we design a new focus with a concrete strategy so the team can co-create their goals and actions. The character and needs of each team are as individual as a fingerprint, we tailor our coaching programs to the unique character and needs of your team.


The power of groups is amazing. A custom program designed for your workplace or organization or a stand-alone event in your community, co-creating with audiences to generate what’s possible and what’s been in the way can shift the way you see yourself and your role in the world. 

Keynotes & Public Speaking

Charlie brings his energy, exuberance and magnetic presence to the stage for your audience. Engaging storytelling anchors his content in our day-to-day and invites the audience to see their world in a new light and are inspired all while they laugh and are entertained by Charlie’s huge heart.