Below, you'll find a collection of reviews and examples of what it's like working with Charlie.

Ah, Charlie! We’ve worked together for nearly a year tackling age-old personal habits that I couldn’t seem to kick. We also focused on goals at work that can only be described as audacious. The results? Outstanding!

I had no idea I could achieve at such a high level on so many differing goals – all at the same time. It hasn’t been easy by a long shot but my coach was always there helping keep me focused and moving forward. Working with Charlie is more than empowering, its life changing. I’d do it again and again.
— Daniel R. Seattle, WA
Charlie is a great listener, with a gift of asking astute questions after hearing things that I didn’t realize I was saying (sometimes between the lines). He is genuine and a true champion for the things the client says are important. (There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for…”). Because of his association with a coaching network, he has access to tools that “single” coaches may not have. Highly recommended.
— Paul T. Bainbridge Island, WA
Charlie coaches me, shoulder to shoulder, meeting me where I am in every moment.
First we turned wishful thinking into actual, practical steps and dreams into powerful visions that motivate and inspire me. He has helped me identify, break down and move beyond patterns and beliefs that get in my way and find my feet in uncharted territory. With his clear and bold questions, I’m not only seeing what’s probable or likely, but more so, what’s POSSIBLE beyond my fears. In just over half a year I have already accomplished more with Charlie as my coach than I have on my own in 10 years of trying, doing more, getting exhausted, breaking down, avoiding, getting up and trying again!
— Maartje G. Victoria, BC
In eight short months Charlie King Coaching has helped me change every facet of the way I interact in the world for the better.
I have found success in life and in business that I did not know how to achieve, yet I did all the work. The answers for me were there all along but I could not access them in a meaningful way. Perception is reality. The way I see the world now has been blown up and my reality is changing daily because of it. Charlie King Coaching is a game changer.
— Corbet C. Bainbridge Island, WA
Charlie King’s coaching is a powerful force! Charlie shows up prepared, focused, present, and he is reliable. His innate ability to coach others through their stops provides sustainable shifts, creating success for the client. I have personally experienced this shift in my life with his brilliant coaching and I highly recommend him!
— Monica C. Olympia, WA